Digital-art - digital drawing

Engel mit großen Flügeln, welche die Frau umschlingen. Die Haare legen sich elegant um den Hals und zeigen den Rücken der Figur. Der nackte Po ruht auf dem Boden. Das Bild ist in Schwarz-Weiß gehalten. Es wurde auf einem Wacom und mit Photoshop gezeichnet.

Like any technique, digital drawing also has its own charm and charm. The advantages are obvious, you can draw anywhere. I am happy to go to the park, take my tablet with me and enjoy the nice weather while working. It is also a great advantage that you can start right away without having to do a lot of preparations, such as putting up an easel, looking for brushes and paints, etc. There are a thousand different ways to put a line and that's exactly what makes it so appealing. However, a classic painting or collage always has a different aura, so I don't want to do without these techniques.

As far as the technical equipment is concerned, my favorites are now clear. I prefer to draw on my Wacom coupled with the full range of Adobe products. Depending on the order, the program then fluctuates between Photoshop and Illustrator. Mostly anyway. For all those who are interested, it is also worth taking a look at the other Adobe applications. Because the apps for Android and Apple are also impressive.

My newest gimmick is software from Paint Pro. Getting started is not that easy, since the program has almost no German instructions, but I think if you practice it, this application is a great addition to the existing repertoire.