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Art makes visible. - This thought is behind my work. To make the invisible visible. To bring forgotten things out of the imagination and to immerse yourself in a world that only art can produce.

- Heinz Rupp

I am glad that it is on you

LinGardener-Arts has failed

The motto is simple and effective.


As an artist, I offer you design that comes from the heart.

On the home page you will find a rough overview of everything you can find in detail on the individual pages. Feel free to take a look at the galleries, leave me comments, also constructive criticism. If you like a motif, you will definitely find the right product in the shop. If not, please write to me and I will design your desired product with you. With Lin-Gardener-Arts I created a project that allows me to share my thoughts and works with you. I hope you will enjoy it.

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Digital and Handmade Art


All you see are very personal photographs and drawings. I enjoy creating my own worlds with different means, in different styles. And each of them has its own charm. The joy of art is not only in meditative individual work, but also in creating something for and with others. I am happy, therefore whenever you contact me, be it for a joint project or for something that you would like to have implemented.

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